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Who killed Goliath?

I’m about to quote the Bible: “Then there was another battle with the Philistines at Gob; and Elhanan son of Jaare-oregim, the Bethlehemite, killed Goliath the Gittite, the shaft of whose spear was like a weaver’s beam.” 2 Samuel 21:19 … Continue reading

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The Meta-Ethics of Neo-Calvinism

Neo-Calvinism is a very strange theism. Seemingly a fusion, some would say confusion, of two schools of thought on the divine that have been competing with each other since the days of the first Greek philosophers, it has the capacity … Continue reading

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Dante vs The Bible – A Hell of a Fight

Our nation is steeped in Christian tradition. Christian ideas of morality, family, heaven, and hell permeate our culture and find purchase in our collective imagination, in our storytelling, and in our consciences, regardless of our affiliation to the more specific … Continue reading

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An Angle on the Teleological Argument

I recently had a pattern of thought about the teleological argument which had not occurred to me before. In highly simplified form, the original version of the teleological argument, proposed by Paley, which forms the template for pretty much all … Continue reading

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