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Abortion and Libertarian Ethics (plus a little Freedom of Speech)

I’ve been on a hiatus from blogging on Liberal Rubbish throughout my Master’s year. Having recently graduated, I thought I’d dive back into the world of blogging with a fairly light and non-controversial topic: Abortion. I recently had a discussion … Continue reading

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The Meta-Ethics of Neo-Calvinism

Neo-Calvinism is a very strange theism. Seemingly a fusion, some would say confusion, of two schools of thought on the divine that have been competing with each other since the days of the first Greek philosophers, it has the capacity … Continue reading

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Preferring the Nightmare – Part Three – What can we do?

This is the Third part of a three-part post. The first two parts can be found here and here. These attitudes poison useful discourse and retard progress the world over. Popping back to the US for a moment, it’s worth … Continue reading

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Preferring the Nightmare – Part Two – Closer to Home

This is the second part of a multi-part post about CS Lewis’s idea of “Preferring the Nightmare” and it’s relevance in political discourse today – to view the first part click here. Note: Sorry for the crazy formatting – I … Continue reading

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Preferring the Nightmare – Part One – The Satanic Baby-Killers

CS Lewis is not one of my favourite philosophers. He’s one of my favourite fiction writers (from a purely artistic perspective, as I abhor a lot of the moral content of his fiction), but the vast majority of his philosophy … Continue reading

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Dante vs The Bible – A Hell of a Fight

Our nation is steeped in Christian tradition. Christian ideas of morality, family, heaven, and hell permeate our culture and find purchase in our collective imagination, in our storytelling, and in our consciences, regardless of our affiliation to the more specific … Continue reading

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Mohammed’s Birthday

Credit to Tim Rouse for this brilliantly written summary of the events of last year’s RUSU freshers’ fayre. Though Tim is now graduated from Reading University, rest assured that I and the rest of the (now re-named) Reading University Secularist, … Continue reading

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