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Abortion and Libertarian Ethics (plus a little Freedom of Speech)

I’ve been on a hiatus from blogging on Liberal Rubbish throughout my Master’s year. Having recently graduated, I thought I’d dive back into the world of blogging with a fairly light and non-controversial topic: Abortion. I recently had a discussion … Continue reading

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Confused about Political Apathy? Look in the Mirror.

I recently read this article from Nottinghamshire Skeptics. It’s about a talk they put on recently and the reaction they received. It’s neither uncommon nor surprising, but something about this story riled me up to write down some thoughts that … Continue reading

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Mohammed’s Birthday

Credit to Tim Rouse for this brilliantly written summary of the events of last year’s RUSU freshers’ fayre. Though Tim is now graduated from Reading University, rest assured that I and the rest of the (now re-named) Reading University Secularist, … Continue reading

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Feminism is the answer to a lot more problems than women’s rights

So many problems in the world are caused or exacerbated by the way we’ve programmed men (who are the ones running things, in the main) to make decisions. We tell them from when they are children that conflict is good, … Continue reading

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Degrees of Rape: An Ideological or Linguistic Disagreement?

As the ongoing feminist campaign to raise awareness of rape and domestic violence continues to gather pace, rape is becoming an increasingly major topic of conversation in the public sphere. Discussions about “rape culture” and the appropriateness of rape jokes … Continue reading

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Distinctions regarding “rape jokes” that I feel are important to make

There’s been an absolutely stonking argument going down on my facebook wall recently about rape jokes and various surrounding issues. It progressed very quickly and there kept being things I wanted to say but didn’t have the time to get … Continue reading

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